M Cailloux

stands on its own


M Cailloux Ergonomic Cutlery stands apart from any other tableware. It offers a simple and intuitive manner to hold the utensil, allowing users as young as three years old to eat correctly according to European Etiquette.

M Cailloux ergonomic cutlery will last for generations. It fuses elegance, sophistication and functionality.

High Quality
Stylish Stainless Steel
Ergonomic Cutlery

Comfort & Sophistication 

 M Cailloux cutlery was sculped to fit comfortably and perfectly around our hands and fingers, adding sophistication to our table.
Crafted in the highest stainless steel quality,
they can be silver and gold plated and
engraved for a more personal touch.
M Cailloux is an expert in Dining etiquette, inventor and designer of the unique ergonomic Cutlery that foster good manners by promoting the correct
hold of Cutlery according to table etiquette.


M Cailloux ergonomic cutlery maximises functionality with its shape. The stylish stainless steel design allows children from an early age to intuitively hold the knife and fork correctly. This helps develop proper eating skills and good manners quickly and easily.

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Behind the style

Practical and stylish design that brings sophistication to your table etiquette.

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Dining Etiquette

Dinning Etiquette Classes for children from 4 to 12 years old.

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Perfect Gift

The utmost functional stylish gift that will last a lifetime. 

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Dining Etiquette Classes

Table Manners, Cutlery Matters.

M Cailloux Cutlery

Held perfectly by little hands

Stylish Stainless Steel

ergonomic cutlery that assist

Dining Etiquette