a sophisticated,
comfortable table

High-Quality Stainless Steel Ergonomic Cutlery

M CAILLOUX box with stainless steel stylish cutlery
M cailloux Family cutlery in stainless steel

Dining Etiquette Classes

Table Manners, Cutlery Matters.

M Cailloux Cutlery

Held perfectly by little hands

A perfectly balanced weight distribution ensures maximum comfort and fit.

M Cailloux Cutlery adds a touch of luxury to any dining experience.

A black and white picture of the cutlery on the plate
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It is effortless table manners thanks to functional and stylish ergonomic cutlery designed for those who value high standards and dining at their best.

Dining cutlery set with elegant case
Dinner is set
How to Use
Ettiquette Classes
Churrasco MCailloux
M cailloux Family cutlery in stainless steel
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