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Mercia Cailloux

Based in London, M Cailloux Cutlery is led by Mercia Cailloux, Silversmith designer and Etiquette Consultant Certified by “Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, City Guilds, CPD and The English School of Etiquette.

Mercia designs beautiful and well-defined cutlery that adapts to hands and fingers instinctively, leaving you free to enjoy your meal with style and elegance.

Keep Calm,

Mum knows best…

Mercia’s journey into ergonomic cutlery started in 2004 when she noticed that children’s silverware tended to turn in the hands of her very well-behaved four-year-old and friends showed the same concern and frustration with standard cutlery.
Researching into cutlery, etiquette, and hand anatomy, Mercia discovered that the problem lay on the primitive design that had not evolved incorporating table etiquette and hand anatomy. After validating her prototypes with hand orthopaedists and etiquette consultants, Mercia started forging her silver cutlery combining a perfect grip, comfort and table etiquette.
The elegant cutlery was a success with parents and children who from an early age could intuitively place their fingers correctly on the comfortable handle, allowing them to participate confidently and independently at the table. It was the best gift a mother could wish for; however, it was a solution for a few people as it was produced in precious metal by hand.
Nowadays, produced in stainless steel, M Cailloux Cutlery is cherished by families worldwide interested in teaching children good manners and dining etiquette, making them more confident and independent.

Without compromising the design or quality of her previous forged silver cutlery,

M Cailloux stylish cutlery is now available in stainless steel.

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