Good table etiquette is an important part of your demeanour. How you eat draws immediate attention and it plays a huge role in our socialising process. Family mealtimes are the perfect place to show children how to behave and respect everyone sitting at the table.

Nowadays many families struggle to find time at the dinner table together. And, to teach a child good manners and proper dining skills with little time to focus on these necessary social and dining skills is hard work, takes a lot of patience and is often met with resistance and poor attitude.

Many adults don’t actually know how to hold their knife and fork correctly. If we don’t learn eating adequately at a young age we risk carrying poor eating habits around for the rest of our lives.

To understand the importance of etiquette and how to use it, we offer a table etiquette workshop together with our cutlery where we introduce the basics of table manners in a simple way to be easily understood at any age.

The greatest investment you can make to your child’s social education. M Cailloux Cutlery set is a tool that allows children to demonstrate the rules of etiquette around the table properly and instinctively.

Schools of Etiquette teaching with 
M Cailloux Cutlery

There are a variety of courses for children, teenagers and adults, from Etiquette to Emotional Intelligence.

Feel free to visit the websites and decide who you would feel more comfortable with as your etiquette consultant. 

Dining Etiquette Classes
M Cailloux cutlery

For courses and timing details please visit their website. 
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For me the cutlery is beautiful, it is so well designed, giving you the confidence to get comfortable in using westernstyle dining cutlery. If you landed from outer space and were handed the cutlery you would know almost instantaneously how to hold and use the cutlery. This is pure confidence in your hands. 

Philip Sykes – Founder and Principal


  • Polished Manners UK organise both group and one-to-one etiquette classes for adults, children and teenagers via Skype or Zoom. 


I would highly recommend M.Cailloux cutlery for children as it really helps them to learn how to hold cutlery correctly from a young age. The design and material adds elegance and sophistication, my students have a great time learning dining etiquette and table manners using cutlery that is ideal for their age 

Laura Akano – Principal Coach and Trainer

  • How to enter and the importance of good posture at the table

  • When it’s proper to begin eating

  • Place settings, plates, utensils and glassware

  • How to hold your cutlery properly

  • The importance of hygiene

  • Polite Conversation

  • When and how to excuse yourself from the table

  • Family meals vs. formal functions

  • Following House Rules and Respecting Property

  • Private and Group Classes offered Online and In-person